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Bathing suits types
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Bathing suits

Types of Bathing Suits

When choosing bathing suits one of the most important aspects is the style. Nowadays there are many variations of bathing suits and numerous styles from which to choose. Having all these options in bathing suits is also very fun as you get to shop for multiple styles that fit your body type as well as the activity in which you will indulge. If you are going on vacation, it is rare you will only be doing one kind of fun in the sun. You may spend some time tanning on the beach. You may want to get in the water. You may want to walk on the beach collecting shells. You may want to go shopping at nearby boutiques or go out to eat.

If you have various styles in bathing suits you can do all of those with a simple change, take off or cover up by purchasing multiple style of suit. This is especially true if you get coordinating suits in various styles. You can mix and match depending on your needs and go from a day of swimming to eating at a casual restaurant overlooking the beach with minimal effort. Before choosing bathing suits that are appropriate for you it is important to understand the types that are available.

The two basic styles in bathing suits are the one piece and two piece. Within these styles are additional options as well. Most women prefer to have a few varieties in bathing suits from which to choose depending on their body style and needs. For swimming and active wear, the one piece bathing suits are ideal. One piece bathing suits can consist of a tank style suit. These bathing suits offer a lot of support and can cover many flaws. One piece bathing suits also have a variety of options from high cut legs, back less suits or plunging necklines depending on how daring and sexy you want to go. Some one piece bathing suits even look similar to a tow piece, using small bits of fabric and ribbons as the only real difference.

Two piece bathing suits are the most common nowadays and offer the most number of options in styles. The classic bikini suit looks similar to a bra and panties. The top of the two piece can have long sheer panels that cover the stomach, have a bandolier style top, classic bikini top or tank top. Choose the top of bathing suits that will most flatter your figure, give you optimum support and be as comfortable as possible. Generally, people who are trying to get some sun or show off choose the skimpier bathing suits and those who are looking for something more active go with the tops that offer more coverage and more support.

For bottoms there are endless options. The classic bikini cut comes in full coverage backs, French cut backs and thongs. The tighter the body style, the skimpier you can go and still look good. However, if you have a few flaws you may want to choose a higher cut bottom that will cover your stomach or higher cut leg line to make your legs look longer and slimmer. Whether you are looking to hide some flaws, have a more modest appearance or show it all off, there are bathing suits available to suit your needs.

Another increasingly popular option in bathing suits for women is the board short or boy short. Board shorts are very similar to men's bathing suit trunks that have longer legs. This is an attractive, sporty look that is feminine when paired with a bikini style top. It is also extremely comfortable and suitable for walking, swimming or shopping. A boy short is similar to a board short except they generally have shorter legs and can even go up pretty high on the bottom. These are flattering and can also hide a few minor flaws.

Once you decide on the bathing suits that you like or you pick out several styles you like, you can start playing with colors, fabrics and patterns. Remember that darker colors are slimming and lighter colors tend to draw the eye. Using patterns will give optical illusions and create attractive lines or enhance curves. Shopping for bathing suits can be a fun experience but don't limit yourself to just one type. Have fun and get a variety for all your different uses.

Bathing suits
Bathing suits types one piece bathing suits styles in bathing suits
Bathing suits