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Bathing suits shopping
inexpensive bathing suits
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Bathing suits

Surviving the Bathing Suit Shopping Ordeal

If you have ever gone shopping for bathing suits, then you probably know that the experience can be a little intimidating. There are so many choices and different styles out there, and finding something that works perfectly for you can be a trying affair. Hopefully, this guide will help you through the ordeal and find your bearings in the big world of bathing suits.

To begin with, men's bathing suits come in a surprising degree of variety. There are boardshorts and jammers, to the thong and g-string. Women of course have the basic choice of whether to go with a one-piece or the bikini. There are even "monokinis" for those considering topless beaches.

Bathing suits can range from the casual to the more professional and expensive variety often used for competitive sports. Extreme varieties of bathing suits also exist, usually pushing the boundaries of what is considered legal at the beach. Most people, however, are just looking for good bathing suits at a decent price.

There are a number of things you can do to avoid the crush of the shopping season for bathing suits. If you go to the mall at the height of the season for bathing suits during peak hours you will probably find the entire experience very stressful. During peak shopping times the selection will suffer, lines will be long, and dressing rooms will be crowded.

When you embark on your shopping try to make it to the mall both early in the day and in the season. Going early will give you the first crack at the selection and avoid the crush. It can also pay to bring along a friend for your shopping adventure, especially for women. An honest friend that has good fashion sense can shut down a potentially bad purchase and let you know when something is working for you.

It can also help to know how to coordinate yourself to emphasize the best of you and take attention away from other parts. The first step to getting good bathing suits is most likely to go up a size from what you normally wear. Nothing looks worse than being stuffed into bathing suits that don't quite fit you. If you aren't too used to shopping for bathing suits, use your normal clothing choices as a template for yourself. If you usually need an underwire for support, then go for one with your bathing suits.

Again, it can't be emphasized enough that you should do your shopping for bathing suits when there isn't a huge crowd. A crowd is not only an inconvenience to your shopping, but it can also force you into a bad purchase. When it's crowded you're going to feel rushed and it may cloud your judgment. The dressing rooms will be crowded and you will feel pressured to hurry up instead of taking the time you need to really decide if an outfit works for you.

If you are wondering how much shopping for bathing suits is typically going to run you, there are some pretty average prices for certain pieces. Items from fashionable names or with elaborate designs are of course going to cost more, but there are some standard prices you'll probably run into.

Men's bathing suits tend to be pretty inexpensive, with a pair of men's briefs starting around the $10 mark. Square leg swim shorts will probably be around $20. Skin tight suits such as jammers are a little more expensive, usually being found at around $30. The simple pair of swim trunks go for about $16. There are also very expensive options out there, such as full body swim suits meant for professional competition that will cost you upwards of $200.

Women's bathing suits are a somewhat more complicated area, with a wider variety of different items to try out. You can find one piece suits for as cheap as $40, or on the more elaborate side for as much as $150. Women's tops range from $30 to $60, bottoms averaging about $40 a piece. If you'd rather try out something other than a bikini or one piece, halter tops are a possibility. Halter tops can be found for around $35. If a bust enhancer is something you'd like to look into, these usually cost about $50. Whatever look you invest in, the options are usually fairly affordable, with the designer looks typically being the bank busters.

Bathing suits
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Bathing suits